Spiritual healing to ease emotional pain

Pain is the natural response to loss and grief. But you weren’t meant to carry it forever.

Are you ready to ease your suffering and give yourself the gift of healing?

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While grieving, you may have lost your identity, not recognizing who you are or where the old you went.

It’s not your fault. Grief, and sometimes just plain old life, can bring us to our knees.

It can be difficult to get back up again. But by following tried and true spiritual principles, you can reconnect to your authentic self; and you are then able to find your truth, build your spiritual toolbox, and ease your suffering.

You never agreed to carry the pain forever. You have the power to transform your negative emotions, re-create who you are now, and find your purpose. Spiritual wholeness is a feeling that can only be created and experienced from within. As with most spiritual practices, you must stay connected with who you truly are, which is pure consciousness.

Let me show you how.

Why work with paige

Paige can help you:

Discover that your light, your wholeness, your brilliance, is right inside you. As a certified  Holy Fire® III Reiki Master and 14 years of coaching the bereaved, Paige has the tools to help you shift your grief and sadness.

Paige has developed a unique approach that combines all of her learned skills and her strong intuitive connection, to help others consciously move through the grieving process with love; toward happiness, forgiveness, and peace.

Paige is passionate about helping people grow and blossom into their true selves, so they can live a life full of love and purpose.

Paige offers the annual MomChild Reunion retreat for moms with a child in Spirit, every year at her retreat venue in Idaho, as well as annual retreats with the Transcending Grief project.

Our Transcending Grief community hub is where you can join with other grieving people to share your story, and find your tribe. Check out the Transcending Grief page on this website for more information.

Retreats &
Check out our 2024 retreats and commit to taking your healing journey to the next level!
Private Reiki Healing Session
Treat yourself to a powerful healing experience with Reiki energy.
Holy Fire® III Reiki Certification
Learn how to use Holy Fire® Reiki for self-healing and healing others.
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Classes & Workshops
Registration open now. Choose to Believe, a Grief Healing Workshop.
paige's book

Best-selling book on grief: Choose to Believe; a Story of Miracles, Healing and the Afterlife.

Paige published her first book in 2020. This beautiful book has provided much healing to many since its publication and has been read by grieving people worldwide. After her son Bryan was murdered in 2008, Paige was patiently and lovingly guided by Spirit on a pathway to healing her grief. She came to understand that dying is not what she thought it was, and to understand that her life with her son did not end just because he is not here with her physically. Choose to Believe tells their story of healing and connection.

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