Healing Hearts Reiki Collective

Healing Hearts Reiki Collective

Healing Hearts Reiki Collective

In partnership with the Transcending Grief project, we are now offering remote Reiki healing every month! All from the comfort of your own home.

Our monthly Healing Hearts Reiki Collective invites you to immerse yourself in the gentle currents of healing energy that will reverberate through your being, guiding you toward a profound alignment with your most authentic self.

Embarking on a transformative healing journey of self-discovery and empowerment can dramatically alter the course of your grief journey. Allowing yourself dedicated time to connect with your soul and inner wisdom will significantly help you as you work toward healing the pain of your loss.

We hope you will join us and share in the collective and powerful Reiki energy!

Reiki Journey

What to expect

As a participant, you will be held in a cocoon of healing vibrations each month, guided by our Transcending Grief volunteer Reiki Masters and Reiki practitioners. The Reiki energy will allow you to effortlessly tune into the whispers of your intuition, unveiling the truths that have been patiently waiting within you. You are allowing for the whispers of your soul to come into awareness and the touch of your loved ones in spirit to be felt.

Our healing experience transcends the ordinary and will be different each month, offering an array of spiritual accompaniments such as meditations, crystals, rituals, journal prompts, and oracle cards to amplify your journey of grace and flow. As you engage with your higher self and inner knowingness, you will feel the threads of connection weave through the tapestry of your existence. Most importantly, you will become part of a community of kindred spirits, all sharing your aspirations for growth and harmony, fostering a deep sense of belonging and mutual support.


Beginning February 7, 2024 and on the first Wednesday of every month thereafter, at 8 PM ET, you will receive an hour of remote healing from Transcending Grief Reiki Masters and Reiki practitioners.

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare other than be able to sit or lie down in a quiet place. Perhaps have a glass of water nearby, and try to allow for quiet time following the session.

A nominal fee of $11 per monthly treatment will be shared amongst the Reiki Masters and Practitioners who are serving as the group’s Reiki team that month.