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MomChild Reunion September 11-15, 2024

About our MomChild Reunion Retreats

This intimate, boutique grief healing experience is only for Moms with one or more children in Spirit. In order to preserve the small group healing experience, it is limited to a maximum of 12 participants. We have worked hard to bring you the best experience possible!

Everything you need to know can be found right here on this page, and by clicking on the registration form below. Our retreats have a heavy emphasis on learning to connect with your child(ren) in spirit. We do that through teaching and practicing pendulum work, connection meditations, energy work, channeled writing, and more.

There is life beyond physical death and you CAN still have a relationship with your child. There will also be plenty of time to just be, relax, breathe, enjoy, and make new friends.

With only 12 spots available, we expect to fill up quickly. Check it out, and let us know if you have any questions! We can’t wait to spend quality time with you in September in the beautiful town of Garden Valley, Idaho.

Your Hosts:

For over 13 years, Paige Lee has served the grief community. She is a Reiki Master, Author, Intuitive Grief Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and the Co-Founder of Transcending Grief. Her life was forever changed by grief and loss, when in 2008, her 23-year-old son Bryan transitioned to Spirit.  Bryan did not die in vain. He left behind him a legacy of love and compassion that continues to touch the lives of millions around the world. He works closely with his mom, from his side of the veil.

Nancy Cooper considered teaching her calling until her only child was murdered in 2006, and her extreme grief led her to the metaphysical world for comfort and meaning. Her passion now is helping other bereaved parents on their journey. Nancy and her daughter Lauren were blessed to be a part of the 2010 MomChild Reunion with Paige and Bryan. Together with the other moms from that year’s retreat, they are known as ‘The Sun Valley Moms”.



Located right on the banks of the beautiful Middlefork River, the Airbnb property where we will hold the majority of our retreat events has two homes on one large riverfront lot. There are a total of two double rooms and six private rooms. Our 3rd property (just down the road) has an additional two private bedrooms.

  • The Main Cabin can accommodate 4 guests, with 1 king bedroom; 1  queen bedroom; and 1 queen + bunkbed shared bedroom.
  • The Guest Cabin is steps away from the Main Cabin and can accommodate 6 guests, with 4 queen bedrooms, and 1 queen + bunkbed shared bedroom.
  • Our 3rd House is just a short walk away and can accommodate 2 guests who will stay with Paige; 1 king bedroom and 1 queen bedroom.

Registration fee: $900 SINGLE / $700 DOUBLE

Registration fees include single or double-occupancy lodging and three meals per day, excepting one dinner out that will be at your cost. Registration does not include travel to and from Boise, Idaho.

Registration fees may be paid in full, or split between two payments. At least 50% payment is required to hold your participation.

Please be sure to purchase one single or one double occupancy room correctly. You may indicate on the registration form if you are rooming with someone in particular, or we can assign a roommate for you based on a similar profile to yours.

Please note that the final payment must be made by July 1, 2024. If you do not make your payments by the deadlines advertised, you forfeit your place at the retreat and any monies that you had paid at that point.

All room pricing is per person and is non-refundable.

We recommend participants purchase travel insurance such as Travelex or Travelguard.


  • Lodging for four nights
  • All scheduled workshops,  presentations, and activities
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) except for one dinner at your cost
  • Coffee, tea, water lemonade each day
  • Goodie bag
  • Two Mediumship Demonstrations over Zoom
  • One Channeling Demonstration over Zoom
  • Meditations, Reiki, Group Shares, and more.
  • Personal items
  • All transportation to and from the Boise airport
  • Travel insurance, if you desire
  • Add-on Reiki Certification Course
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Right to Cancel

Event organizers reserve the right to cancel the event if a minimum number of participants is not met. Should the event be cancelled by the event organizers, all fees paid shall be 100% reimbursed to the participants who paid them. Notification of cancellation will occur at least 1 month prior to retreat start date.


We understand that no one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur, so please consider purchasing travel insurance (see below). It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policies.

Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/illness (including Covid-19), or personal emergencies. No refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete the retreat, or for arriving late or leaving early.

We encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance in order that your trip fees will be covered should you or your family have a medical problem prior to your trip or while on the trip. Trip insurance should also be purchased to cover medical expenses in the event you have an accident while on the retreat. Most travel insurance must be purchased within 14 days of making your reservation.

Paige W. Lee LLC and The MomChild Reunion cannot be held responsible for any personal expenses, such as airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or retreat cancellations, and are also not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal items during the event.


Participant hereby represents and warrants that Participant has sufficient physical and mental health and financial capability to travel to and from, and participate in, the Event in a healthy and safe manner without any adverse consequences to Participant and/or Participant’s Related Parties and Participant accepts all risks associated with the same.

Participant should only travel to and from, and participate in, the Event if doing so will not adversely impact the physical and mental health and financial condition of Participant and/or Participant’s Related Parties and Participant. Participant shall be legally responsible for his or her own physical and mental health, safety, behavior and financial condition in connection with traveling to and from, and participating in, the Event.

Some aspects of the Event may involve (a) physical activity of standing, moving and sitting; (b) long hours of training; (c) homework assignments after hours of training; and (d) mental, emotional, and psychological efforts.

Should Participant require emergency or other medical treatment as a result of accident, illness or other conditions arising in connection with the Event, Participant hereby consents to such treatment and the Released Parties shall not have any liability for the same.

Participant shall be financially responsible for any medical, legal and other charges that may be incurred as a result of such emergency and/or other medical treatment. Participant shall promptly notify Promoter orally and in writing if Participant is at any time or manner directly or indirectly injured or becomes ill in connection with the Event or if Participant has medical conditions about which emergency or other medical personnel should be informed; however, Participant understands that the Released Parties are not legally obligated to act on that information in any way or to provide any medical service or accommodation whatsoever to Participant.

The Released Parties do not provide any physical or mental health, suicide or other similar advice or intervention and Participant should contact Participant’s own healthcare providers on such matters. Participant agrees that if Participant has any medical, mental health or psychological conditions that may hamper Participant from fully, safely and healthfully participating in the Event, that Participant shall notify Promoter in writing of those conditions before the Event and that Promoter retains the right to ask that Participant not participate in portions, or the entirety, of the Event.

Guest Mediumship Readings Over Zoom


Because of the size of our group, individual mediumship readings and reiki healings are not feasible. However, we are thrilled to be providing two group mediumship demonstrations over Zoom, which will be evidential in nature. The mediums will provide as many readings as possible but there is no guarantee you will receive a reading from your child. There will also be a group healing and channeled message on our last night together.

Participating in group readings and channelings are a wonderful experience whether your loved ones come through or not. It’s amazing how the messages can be relevant for all, not just one!

You will also receive reiki in a group, not individually. There may be time for a few individual reiki sessions, but again, no guarantees.

Kat Baillie works from a place of loving intention. A certified and blind tested Evidential Medium and Teacher with over 200 5 star reviews online. Her work is impactful and can change, transform lives and the way you perceive the world. She has the ability to trance heal and read with spirit. Her mastery lies within her ability to melt away the divide between the material and metaphysical worlds and combine her knowledge and skills – reminding us that everyone is a soul, having a human incarnation, housed in a body, with a spirit that has the ability to connect and tap into the unconditional love of the universe, to co create with the source energy. Kat is featured on leading spiritual and wellness podcasts for Seeking Center, Conscious Grief, & Grief2Growth.

Laura Mirante is an internationally recognized Spiritual Channel, as well as an evolutionary healer and teacher of soul-centered living. For 20 years, Laura has taken on the selfless responsibility of giving Spirit a voice. Through individual channeling sessions, group/public channels, podcasts, workshops, and her very essence of being, she inspires and leads others to greater union with their higher selves and soul’s purpose. With relentless faith and unwavering hope she assists the process of releasing fear, discovering personal truth and emerging in a life directed by soul.  Yet, her ultimate daily inspiration to live true to her soul is her role as a mother to her beautiful 11-year-old son Troy.

“Nature feeds the soul. It is necessary and vital to knowing who you are. When in nature, we can get a glimpse into our souls, a glimmer of truth into our reasons for being, a hint of understanding into the purpose behind our circumstances. The whisper of God is in the air, your loved one is by your side, and the beauty of nature surrounding you offers peace and calming”

Reiki Attunement & Certification



Have you considered receiving your Reiki attunement and certification? Consider staying on with Paige for 2 days immediately following the retreat and receive your Reiki I/II certifications in person!

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance.

Originating from the Usui lineage, the energy of the Holy Fire® III Reiki class ignites and reveals the light of the Authentic Self, making it easier for a person to see and experience. Students find that their light, their wholeness and brilliance, is right there inside them. To some, the view of their Authentic Self has appeared as a beautiful light within; as brilliant as the sun. The remarkable qualities of their soul, life purpose, and their inner truth become revealed to them, and in addition, they feel they are now empowered to fulfill their life purpose! Because this is a modern, upgraded energy, reiki practitioners who are already certified will benefit from this booster energy and certification.

Holy Fire® Reiki I and II are taught together over two days, 10am—5pm Idaho time on each day. On completion of the class, you will be a Level II practitioner, and you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others. The class is a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice time. Practice time is given using all the Reiki II symbols, and learning how to provide a full treatment for self and others is also provided.

This beginning training is one of the most thorough and comprehensive available. It combines the Western style, as introduced by Mrs. Takata, with the Japanese style and the Holy Fire® Energies.

Registration includes all course material, including the official ICRT Reiki I/II class manual. Breakfast, lunch, and two dinners will be provided; our last evening will be spent eating out, at your cost.


September 16-17, 2024

We will relax and take the afternoon/evening off on the Sunday that the retreat ends, resting and preparing for the Reiki energy that will follow. The class will be all day Monday and Tuesday. We will depart Wednesday morning, to accommodate flights leaving 1 pm or later


$645 non-refundable per person covers Reiki class material and certification, lodging, and all meals (except one dinner out on your own).


House:  One Queen bedroom and one King bedroom. 1.5 bathrooms shared.

Large 5th Wheel Camper: 2 bedrooms (slight stairs to enter), one Queen master in front and one Queen in back.  The 5th Wheel is very nice and has 1.5 baths shared (guests may also use the shower inside the main house if they prefer). Trailer has kitchen, living room, fireplace, and awnings  🙂

In Tribute to Sally Baldwin

Sally and her husband Steve were the founders of the MomChild Reunion. Paige and Nancy were so fortunate to attend one of only three of these annual events before, heartbreakingly, Sally passed away in 2012 from heart disease. Sally is sorely missed by all who knew her, and especially by the Moms who were fortunate enough to be blessed by her, and whose lives she dramatically changed.

It is our honor to carry the torch for Sally’s work in this way, and offer you our own version of The MomChild Reunion. We dedicate this and all of our Idaho retreats to our amazing friend and mentor, Sally Baldwin.


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