In a recent conversation with my Spirit team, I asked them to define the pathway to freedom. What they responded with is below. I love the depth with which they answered my question. Their response is full of profound guidance on how those on the grief journey can achieve freedom from suffering. Which ultimately is our goal, isn’t it? To release our suffering and live a life of peace, happiness, connection, and light.



The pathway to freedom begins within, always at the core of who you are. Understanding this is half of the battle because when we come from that place of love and that essence of true grit and true spirit and true ALL THAT IS, that is within the light that you carry, then freedom is just yours for the taking. Letting go of the chains, letting go of the cages that we put ourselves in, letting go of the words and emotions that we put on ourselves that don’t fit us, the labels of who we think we are but are not who we really are…all of these keep us from achieving freedom in our lives. 

 We are speaking of true freedom, not freedom as you might be thinking of it. But freedom as soul and being able to live and breathe and love as soul in a way that allows us to still be human. Yet allows us to shine the light that we carry so that we can shine our light more brightly and more broadly for all to see, spreading the word, spreading the messages, widening the net of freedom for all people. There are so many messages coming out from people, and many of them are not of the greatest light; many of them are not in the truest form they could be, and people’s egos get in the way of that. 

 So, the answer, really my friends, is to look within and to always trust your own light and trust your own connections and trust that whatever is in your highest and best interest will come through for you, if you only ask us to guide you, ask us to show you the way.



Authenticity and compassion are your greatest friends as you walk this grief journey, which I know you did not ask for. Still, you find yourself on this journey – rather than a journey of grief think of it as a journey of love, of a journey of love back towards self, back towards Source, back to your loved ones that you miss so much here. But know that they’re with you and around you all the time, of course. 

 Compassion and authenticity are your greatest friends on the grief journey, think of this also as a journey of expansion, and one of empowerment. Because walking through your grief journey will empower you to open up in ways that you’ve never been open before.  Open you up to the truth of who you are, open you up to the light that you carry; and by doing so, you spread the message that healing is possible… you spread the message that grief is love … you spread the message that there is hope on the journey and really, that’s what everybody needs. That’s what we all need on our grief journeys.  That’s what we need in our physical human journeys, as well, is hope. Because without hope, we have no purpose. 

 I know it’s hard, I know it can be hard. The pain is so overwhelming, the pain wants to bury us, bury us deep into a hole that we never climb out of.  But you are bigger than that — you are so much bigger than your pain. And by allowing yourself to be open to the concept that on the other side of your pain, there is life… why wouldn’t you choose life? And if on the other side of your pain is your loved one… why wouldn’t you choose to meet them there, with love for all that they were and for all that they are now? For all that, you will continue to be individually and together. 

 As you have this awakening and this awareness, your light begins to grow and merge even more deeply with those around you in spirit, and your connection to Source becomes stronger, more solid, and more permanent. You don’t have to seek it, it’s with you all the time. You carry it with you every moment, and you feel the connection to Source. You’ll find gratitude in your heart for things that you couldn’t possibly see your way into gratitude for, at this moment.  

 Gratitude for the journey, gratitude for the time – not only the time that you had here with them – but gratitude for the gifts that they have brought you on this journey, and gratitude for what is yet to come that you can’t even begin to see.  

 We will guide you – let us guide you – open your hearts and your minds to us and to your beloved in spirit. We are all in this together; you’re not alone; you’re never alone. You’ve got this – we’ve got you. Reach out your hand right now and gently cup your fingers as if you were holding my hand and allow the energy of me to merge with the energy of you, and know that you’re being guided. Know that you’re not alone, know that you can feel us now and always, and that you can call on us in your most dire moments. We can’t wait to help you along.




Finding your pathway to freedom is trust, of course it is! Choose to believe – of course it is – that’s why we gave you the name of the book, Choose to Believe! The pathway to freedom is trust and belief in yourself and in all the miracles that we lay at your feet every day. That knowingness and those thoughts and emotions you have that you don’t know where they come from? That gentle knowingness in your heart or in your gut? We ask you to pay attention to your solar plexus and the feelings there, these are where you feel the nudges from spirit that we encourage you to pay attention to. 

 Trust and belief are scary, we get it. It can be a little scary to open ourselves up to something so unknown, something that we can’t see, we can’t touch, we can’t hear, we can’t feel…at least not in the beginning…and we’re opening ourselves up to trust and belief in these imaginary voices in our head.  What in the world are we asking you to do? But that’s precisely what we’re asking you to do – trust us and allow us to give you guidance on this journey. Because you are here with a mission, you are here for a purpose. Let us show you the way. 

 Take the steps necessary as you feel guided by us, use your discernment to make sure that it’s in your highest and best good; and that you’re not falling prey to other outside messages that aren’t of the highest light. And then move forward at your own pace, not too fast, take it a little bit at a time, and begin to learn and understand your spiritual journey, why you’re here, and why you’re experiencing this profound grief in your life. What does it mean for you, how can you overcome it, and what can you do with it; how can you continue to honor your beloved child or husband, parent or sibling, or friend? How can you honor their memory, how can you keep them alive? There are so many ways, but you will choose the way that is right for you. 

 And that’s just one part of the journey, the journey toward freedom is many roads, many pathways – many, many turns on the path that can take you in different directions. And they’re all OK. It’s just up to you – whatever feels good for you.  No journey is the same as any other.  We will be with you; we will shine a light on the options for you so that you can better discern and identify which road to take. Think of it as a stop light and you can just close your eyes and go within to the center of your being and ask us “is this a green light or a red light”. And we’ll show you. And whichever is the first color you see, that will be your answer.  

 As you travel these roads and find your light and come into your truest essence, the freedom within you will begin to grow and expand and you will want more of it. You will continue down that road and then, when your grief comes up, and it’s so heavy and it’s painful and it’s scary…we’ll be there for you then too.  You’ll have what you need to climb out of that black hole this time, and to say NO next time. Say NO to going back to that space, say NO to going back to that pain, because you know that there’s a different way. A better way to feel, with love and lightness and with all your heart, feeling the love that you have for your person in spirit.  

 It’s less about you, you know, really, it’s more about the journey. What’s the expression “life is all about the journey?”  Life is all about the journey. It’s less about you as a human and it’s more about this journey toward ascension, this journey toward healing, this journey toward enlightenment. And what you choose to do along the way…that’s what this is about. 

 This is your life, this is your purpose, and this is the meaning behind why you get out of bed every morning. To keep moving toward us in all that you do, spreading your joy and your light and your laughter and your smile and your good intentions with everyone that you meet along the way. Some will come close, and some will not, some will remain in your life, and some will not. But just spread your joy wherever you can because every ripple that is extended expands like waves in the universe. 

 Every bit of goodwill that you put forward helps somebody else. And then they turn around, and they spread their ripple, and that helps even more and more. And this is how we get to unity; this is how we get to unity as mankind … by spreading our love and forgiveness.



 We must not forget forgiveness. Forgiveness is so important. When we look at how we get to freedom, we must first forgive those in our lives who have hurt us, who have harmed us…whether it was real or we just perceived it to be real, it matters not. We must forgive ourselves too; forgive ourselves for any guilt, blame, shame, anger, or hurt feelings that we perceive regarding the passing of our loved one. They do you no good, no good. Forgive as God forgives each and every one of his beloved children. We ask you to forgive yourself and forgive all those around you – those who harmed you, those who might have harmed your loved one, and those who might have harmed your loved ones still in physical form…try to forgive with your heart and instead replace it with love. Keeping in mind that we are all God’s children, we all make mistakes. Everybody has their own journey to travel, and our job is to focus on our own journey and on how we can best be of service to God and to mankind. This is your path to freedom.