Spirit answers ‘How can I go on?’

We want you to understand that this was a choice you made when you were here. Your capacity to love is endless and you will feel it again in your life. Bryan knew that you could support him like no other. We know living with his physical death is more difficult than you thought it would be. Life is often difficult which is why some of us choose to stay here. Time is not relevant. You will see Bryan again, sooner than you think, and it will be glorious! He is glorious, and he is waiting for that day also. 

In the meantime, we want you to focus on the self, the journey, and prepare yourself. For the day is coming near that all hearts must choose. Choose love or choose fear. You and your friends are discovering the joy of pure love—that state of being that is pure bliss when you are filled with God, and unconditional love for all matter and all beings. Bryan is but one of those beautiful beings. Expand your love to include everyone. We know it is difficult. We know you miss him so. You will see him as you remember him, but your soul knows much more. You can remember, if you believe in yourself. The grief you feel is good because you must do this. Do not be so hard on yourself. We hear you. We are here to help you.



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