Recreating myself, again.

We are not who we were before our loved one transitioned. When our soul is ripped apart, we begin to re-create the next version of who we are, who we want to be. We step into our new self cautiously, with trepidation. But after some time, we begin to feel comfortable, lighter, more accepting of the way things are.

And then, a few years down the road, maybe life throws some serious curve balls our way. Serious curve balls. That yet again, bring us to our knees. And we begin to re-create again, molding who this new version of our self will be. As we try, yet again, to hang on. To survive.

We are constantly changing and re-creating who we are. But when we allow the seat of our soul to always remain rooted in us, then we are allowing expansion and light into all of these versions of us. We invite it in, we welcome it. Change is necessary. Change is growth.

I am re-creating. Again. I don’t know exactly what this next version of me will look like. But I know that I will love her more than ever before. I know that she will be kinder, gentler, perhaps quieter, than ever before. I know that she will be more in alignment with her truest self than ever before.

I know these things because I believe in her. I am her 🙂



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