Spirit talks about Grief

There is a knowingness in silence…in stillness. Reach for the limitless of your potential in that quiet place of the higher mind. You are a unique, powerful, amazing aspect of the Creator God.

Grief is so often the catalyst for our greatest growth. At first it is like a warm fuzzy blanket that we wrap around ourselves, because we are in too much pain and we are too afraid to let go of it. When we are strong enough to let it go…like discarding a pair of comfortable old jeans with holes in them, our inner light can shine once again. We can at that point transcend our grief and begin the journey toward merging with our higher self, our soul, and the Creator God. Until one is ready to discard the blanket of grief, they are being protected and watched and loved by many of us. It is a process dear one, and all will release when they are ready to do so.

Satisfy yourselves for now with the knowledge that your loved ones are safe. They are existing in their multidimensional state as ALL THAT THEY ARE….it is a beautiful sight to behold, indeed. It is true that more and more young ones are leaving your planet at this time. It is not because they are afraid or that they can’t handle the energies of what you call the ascension, rather it is because their higher selves knew it was time to go. The soul calls to the higher self when it is ready to end the physical experience. For many, they will continue to serve mankind from their new higher dimensional realms. For others they are simply done and choose to exist in a blessed state of reverence and soulful exaltation. Many souls are choosing not to incarnate again. After so many eons of lifetimes lived in a variety of being-ness in both lower and higher dimensionalities, their desire now is to serve the creator God and support the work of all who continue to be of service.

As you go through your grieving process, please do not forget the support that is here for the asking. You did ask for this experience and it was planned between you and your loved one while in spirit form. The lesson is to become stronger because of the experience, and to be successful at removing the veil after such a horrific and painful experience. You are doing well with the tasks you laid out for yourself, dear one. You have starts and stops, as many do, but all is as it should be. Do not be hard on yourself….all in perfect time.

Master Kuthumi? Yes it is I. I want you to feel the vastness of who you are. Feel the vastness of your son. Feel the vastness of the higher dimensions that you have known before, and will know again. You are one of us. You are all one of us, and we are you. Your son would like to speak with you now.

‘Mom I am not lost. I am always here. I go where you go. I direct my energy toward you so hard and I know that someday you will align with me completely….as completely as you can considering that we are separate souls. Yet we are one. Haha. Interesting isn’t it?  I love you. You were a great mom to me as Bryan  I remember the angels. We were saved that day so that we could have the experience we are now living. And so that I could do and learn what I needed to before my time was done. It was Ezekiel and other angelics who saved us that day. They and I know of your gratitude and they were happy they were successful and reached us in time.’

Kuthumi: You are a blessed creation of the Father God dear one. Stay true to yourself and all will be good. We are your servants in Spirit and remind you to ask for our help. You are very dear to many of us and you have many soul relationships that are very, very strong. We are cheering you on!

Do not give up. Call on us when you are scared.



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