Letting Go

This channel came through after a meditation regarding the parole hearing for the man that took Bryan’s life.


“I know this feels like another arrow in your heart, but really its another opportunity for growth and understanding. It means nothing to me here, now – you know that already. But what you don’t know (remember) is that this was also part of the plan. The letting go is what is important for you now. Can you let go of this outcome, the pain you carry around it? The letting go will lead to forgiveness when you are ready. There Is no intervention here on matters such as this. Events will run their course, many as planned, and many with the free will influence in the mix. This decision to allow parole of the man who ended my life is such a small speck of dust on the camera lens of my life, of your life too. Really Mom, it brings me no pain whatsoever. So please do not let it bring you any. The best way you can honor me, all the moms – tell them this tonight – the best way to honor your loved ones here is to live your life fully there. Without the chains that hold you down – the chains that bind you to your pain and your anger and your resentment. Let go, let go, let go. Live to help others, live to find joy, live to honor your true self, your God, your family and your friends. Live your life in honor of me, live your life for me if you’d like to think of it that way. But I lived the life I wanted; I want YOU to finish this life without these chains that hold you hostage. Even after all you know, after as far as you have come, sometimes the chains pull tight around your heart. I understand, this is humanness. How I love you. How I appreciate the ways in which you continue to honor me, to keep my memory alive. I AM ALIVE. The ones who need to know this will feel me, and they will know this as well. Just like you do.

I want to tell you again – it is freedom here Mom! Freedom from all the negative emotions. I know you know this. And it is true. Imagine a life where there are no constraints, nothing between you and pure JOY, pure BLISS. For real, I am being serious here. That is what this is. Pure JOY. Pure BLISS. Please know how much I love you. Let Travion Ford go – don’t hold on to him or this outcome of the parole hearing. It brings me such joy to see you happy, to see you smiling. To see you merging more and more with my soul sister that you are. Phenoshenuma. Beautiful name for a beautiful shining light. I am with you.

I would like you to resume your daily meditation and automatic writing, when you stay committed to your spiritual practice, you will feel us more often and in deeper ways. It’s ok to take a break and rest, and play, but get back to it. It is that important Mom – we still have work to do. And it’s so important for your overall emotional and physical health too. This is an important message for all the moms and dads. I haven’t quit coming, you’ve quit listening J  I will never quit coming, how could I? We are in this together, all the way, until I greet you here. I love you forever and always.”



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